Do you still pay your credit card monthly fee?

Despite being considered a great villain for many people, Credit Cards can be a great ally. Just know how to use it the right way, without spending more than you can and not making debts. But even when used wisely, a credit card can still have an extra cost to you: the monthly fee. How to get rid of her?

These days, if you are still paying a high amount for your card’s monthly or annual fee, you may be doing a bad business. Competition is high and there are several options that can save you a little more. Here are some tips.


1. Search for Cards with lower monthly fees… or even for FREE

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It’s raining in the wet, but the most important type is to research the various types of credit cards in the market. In the end, the ‘flags’ are usually only two, MasterCard or Visa. But as there are several distributors of these cards, each may offer different trading conditions.

So, don’t just keep your bank card. Analyze the card offer distributed by airlines, gas stations, insurance companies, supermarkets, etc. And get the most advantageous coma for you.

And there are free cards too, believe me? One example is Nubank, which is doing a lot of success not only for not charging monthly fees, but also having a digital and simple registration process. The only downside for now is the fact that you don’t have a loyalty program.


2. Keep only one credit card

2. Keep only one credit card

After choosing the best option, cancel any other cards you may have. The tip is to focus all spending on one card: the more you spend, the more benefits you can get.

Don’t be apologetic that ‘it is good to have one card from each flag’ or ‘better to have more emergency cards’. And if you happen to be using the limit on all your cards, this is a good way to force yourself to spend less too!


3. Call the family and have everyone use ‘additional’ cards for yours

3. Call the family and have everyone use

This tip may be more controversial, but with it you will further increase the concentration of spending on just one card, and thus increase your chances of gaining more perks.

The idea is also to cancel all cards of your close family members and to distribute additional cards to yours.

The big downside is that this way everyone gets to know each other’s expenses! Transparency will also help lower spending even more… but a lot of people won’t get used to such a lack of privacy!

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