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The zero-interest loan. In effect since 2005, the “92 housing loan” was replaced on 1 October 2011 by the “Housing Shinehousing loan”. Suspended at December 31, 2011 due to reform of the PTZ state, it is available again since March 30, 2012.


What has changed compared to the old device

What has changed compared to the old device

The new accession aid for Alto-Séquanais was voted by the General Council on March 30, 2012. It allows to benefit under conditions of a 0% financing.

The main change of the “PL-HDS” is the refocusing of the device to the only acquisitions of new housing , thus sticking to the new provisions of the PTZ 2012 which was reformed during the last Finance Law.

The loan can also benefit the candidates for accession who buy a housing HLM . As was the case previously, the general council will take charge of the loan interest.

Complementary to the State PTZ, the housing loan Housing Shineis subject to certain conditions.

Finally, you will have to address to the ten banks which signed an agreement with the general council.


Access conditions

Access conditions

They remain overall similar to the old device. To benefit from the help, you will have to reside in department 92, meet the definition of first-time homeowner (you have not been the owner for the past two years), purchase a new home ( or HLM) and occupy it as a principal residence, ie at least eight months a year.

On the other hand, you must be eligible for the PTZ of the State and respect a ceiling of resources which depends on the composition of the fiscal household.

The income to be taken into account is the reference tax income of N-2. For 2012, the 2010 business income will be taken into account.


Housing Loan Amount Housing Shine

Housing Loan Amount Hauts-de-Seine

The amount varies according to the type of property (nine or HLM) and the composition of the home. It remains limited to 50% of all credits that contribute to the financing of the property (with the exception of the national PTZ and the bridge loan).

Repayment possibilities are limited and range from 8 to 15 years. Moreover, the choice does not belong to the borrower but depends directly on his income. A mechanism by installments established by the Construction Code determines the duration imposed according to the result.

You should also know that, given the short durations proposed, it may be useful to smooth the main loan and HaHousing Shineusing loan. This banking technique, used by most financing organizations will allow you to obtain a single monthly payment throughout the repayment period.

Your departmental agency can also study the feasibility of a global renegotiation of credits in case you can not pay for them. Finally, if you are the owner of your main residence, know that the general council provides some help to improve your home, control energy expenditure or adapt the home to the loss of autonomy.

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