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This article describes what private loans are and what it means to take one. There may be many situations in life when you need to take out a loan, you may see an opportunity to buy a capital item – such as a boat, car, refrigerator, towbar or other at a very good price but you miss it currently the money you need. Then you can take out a loan to solve the temporary need for financing. for clarification

There can also be many other situations when you need quick financing, such as when you want to spontaneously go on vacation with the family or need to make a trip to visit a sick relative. Taking out a loan can be a great way to fund your needs when sudden situations emerge.

What is a private loan

It is a loan that you take first and foremost for private consumption, not to buy a home – a mortgage – or a credit card – where the credit is an ongoing loan that comes with the card and which you can use at any time and vary the amount that it suits you. You can you get the loan from banks or credit institutions. The loans are very common, with almost every person taking such a loan at some point.

Cheap Private Loans

Cheap Private Loans

There are many cheap loans in the market. What is cheap and not cheap is governed by the interest rate on the market. If you pay zero percent in interest, the loan is free, while an interest rate above that represents a cost. What then becomes cheap loans or expensive loans depends on the prices in the market at large so cheaply becomes a relative concept and unclear concept.

It is the Goodbank that controls the prices of loans in Sweden. The Goodbank sets a so-called repo rate and banks and credit institutions follow that repo rate with a certain premium so that they also earn money. To this is added various administrative fees that always accompany a loan. The administrative fees are the ones that are unique to you. The reason there are administrative fees is that whether you take out a large or small loan, the administration is the same. This also applies to cheap loans.

Find the cheapest private loan

Find the cheapest private loan

The cheapest private loans can be found by searching the Internet and comparing the terms that banks and credit institutions give you who are interested in a cheap loan. When looking for the cheapest loans on the market, you can line up the various opportunities you find and then list interest rates and fees next to each other. Here’s how to find the answer. However, do not forget that the time period you have to pay back plays a role in the total cost. If you have a long time to pay back, you also have to pay the interest many times and you have a loan with a fixed interest, you usually have to pay the interest for the entire time period, even if you pay back before the time period has expired.

Which is the cheapest private loan

Which is the cheapest private loan

What determines which is the cheapest loan is the interest rates and fees that apply to the private loan. If you read the terms and compare and you will quickly be able to decide which is the cheapest loan.

Compare interest rates – private loans

When looking for a loan, you should of course compare interest rates on the loans from the various banks and credit institutions you find when you apply for a loan. When comparing interest rates on the loans, do not forget to include credit cards in your comparison. Interest on credit card loans is quite expensive and can often have very tough demands on quick repayment combined with high fees, so you should not forget that when you make your comparison.

Lowest interest rate – private loans

Lowest interest rate - private loans

The lowest interest rate for loans can be found through a careful comparison between different institutions. There are a number of things to consider when comparing different loans with each other and it is of course first and foremost the interest rates that apply to the loan. The nominal interest rate on a loan can be spread from four, five percent all the way up to 30, 40 percent and the nominal interest rate depends on the interest rate the Goodbank has, what risks the bank or credit institution sees with you and how bold the credit institution is in making profits. .

Low interest rate – private loans

When looking for the lowest interest rate for a loan, it is important to compare nominal interest rates and effective interest rates. The effective interest rate on a private loan can range from around five per cent all the way up to 50 per cent depending on how long you borrow on, but above all, it is the administrative fees that apply when you take out a loan that drives up the effective interest rate.

Find the lowest interest rate – private loans


Find the lowest interest rate on private loans by comparing different banks and credit institutions. There are a variety of ways to make a comparison and you can find a lot of information on how to best find the lowest interest rate on private loans by using resources on the Internet. Again, however, we would like to remind you that loans for a shorter period and at lower amounts usually have a higher total cost – effective interest rate – per borrowed krona, since the administrative fees for such loans will constitute a larger total cost compared to loans with larger amounts over a longer period. time.

Low interest rates – private loans

Low interest rates - private loans

You find a low interest rate on a private loan, especially if you have a higher income, have no payment notes, do not already have debts, borrow a higher amount and borrow over a longer period of time. How is this related? How can the total cost, the effective interest rate, be lower if you borrow more and for a longer period?

If you have a higher income and do not have payment notes, banks and credit institutions will assess that there is a lower risk of lending money to you and therefore they may give you a lower interest rate. The same effect on the assessed risk is also made if your debts are not already high. If you borrow a larger amount over a longer period, the total amount you pay in interest will be larger, which means that the banks and credit institutions can give you a large discount and lower the interest rate slightly. For larger loans over a longer period, the administrative fees will constitute a smaller part of the total cost. All of this together means the cost per borrowed kroner will be lower if you borrow more and have a longer repayment period – while you already have low debts and no payment remarks.


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